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    For trevacalathel

    "He’s one of them rangers. Dangerous folk they are — wandering the wilds. What his right name is I’ve never heard, but around here, he’s known as Strider."

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  4. "We do not “come into” this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean “waves,” the universe “peoples.” Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe."
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    Real canyons, not made of concrete and steel

    By jordan.is 

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    Untitled (by Megan Brim)

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  8. "The female doesn’t want a rich man or a handsome man or even a poet, she wants a man who understands her eyes if she gets sad, and points to his chest and say: ‘Here is your home country.’"

    Nizar Qabbani 

    Arab poets man. I swear.

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    *Jots notes in great haste*

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